Agonising Anticipation.

I haven’t written for a while, partly out of having less motivation but mostly no inspiration, until right now.

My hands are a trembling mess much like the rest of my body as I sit on the edge of my bed, fully dressed. This is because I can feel how wet I am, my leggings will actually probably show that and that’s why I just ran from the train to my house. You have to understand I NEVER run, I wouldn’t have even ran if I was going to miss a train but them 5 minutes it would have taken me to walk home were 5 minutes too long, it was in fact probably the only time I ever wished I could fly or click my fingers and be at home. I’m beyond desperate to play with myself until I have many mind blowing orgasms, (my breathing is ragged and shallow as I type this that I fear I may have an anxiety attack) that just in this short paragraph I’ve messed up pretty much every word with my shaky fingers. Why am I not satisfying myself may you ask? (My body also shouting this at me through muscle spasms and not being able to actually concentrate) Is because the thing that has got me feeling like this is a book I was reading on my kindle whist on the train back from York, “The Diary Of A Submissive” and at the moment in Chapter 7 the main character, the submissive – Sophie is in her fifth day of orgasm denial, in absolute bits (much like myself) but whilst sucking her dominants cock (again) while he talks on the phone to another woman telling her how much of an eager submissive she is right now and how much she wants to come (it’s killing me to write this) and how the other girl on the phone cannot play either, and to make matter worse- only one of them will. So although I’m more than desperate to come and I would have said exactly what she did in the book “I’ll do anything to come” that I’ve decided to role play as Sophie and continue reading the book with my hands firmly placed on the kindle until she is allowed to come……. SHE BETTER BE ALLOWED TO COME.

(Reading and missing out words just to make it go faster as I’m getting wetter and wetter)

She did finally come, although not in the way I was expecting; having to submit to him by humping his leg, grinding on his knee until she finally came, her juices flowing down his leg, which she was made to lick clean after re-cooperating.

Mine came (no pun intended) through being so desperate I just stripped my leggings and knickers off, and kept my socks, and top half still dressed. I grabbed a couple of toys, a butt plug and a nice blue vibrator greedily taken without hesitation. As I continued to read trying to juggle the 2 toys and balance the kindle on my thigh, the next chapter was a threesome, her submitting to both her dominant and a woman named Charlotte on orders from him to obey her too. I won’t spoil the book for you but the degradation and humiliation within that scene is something I’ve never experienced first-hand but after the first shattering orgasm it gave me I wouldn’t be against it. Especially as when I got my breath back, and changed the vibrator into another plug, keeping the butt plug in too, and using my favourite and trusty body wand gliding over them, making them quake inside both my holes in turn, with my imagination running wild with me thinking about that scene and actually saying some of the lines that is it in the book, “please, PLEASE let me come” – I’ve also never begged before, well properly I had two jaw dropping orgasms that just thinking about them now is making my twitch…

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