Pure Pleasure.

I walk into your apartment and lay beside you on the bed, the anticipation killing me every second you make me wait. You stare into my eyes and smile, making me blush then sweetly smile back as your hands finally skim my cheek as you pull me in for our first deep kiss. Our breath quickens as the passion erupts between us; you make quick work of pulling my top over my head and unbuttoning my black bra with one hand allowing my breasts to escape into your mouth. Your other hand travels down my breast lightly then your fingers glide down my thigh, teasing every inch of me. Two can play at this game as I rip the belt from around your waist and pull your jeans and boxers down to your ankles while you take off your shirt. The foreskin moving with the rhythm of my hands revealing the head at every opportunity, my tongue doesn’t hesitate as it swirls around tasting you. I take you deeply not quite the whole of you as my gag reflex holds me back. I like a challenge as I try again and again, deeper this time managing to feel every inch of you, you gasp at the pressure of my mouth as it quickens, and my hands gently squeeze your balls. I continue until I need to take a breath as I like to hear the sound of the pleasure escaping you. Your fingers run down my breasts as I sit up for air.

You lay me flat on the bed as your hand reaches up my skirt, but you abruptly stop making me urn for more. Though I’m not going to get it that easily you tell me, as you see my elated face drop. I plead you to be nice but you dismiss every word, as you pin my hands to the bed; nose to nose with me and tell me to keep my hands there. You kiss my lips overpoweringly before I even get a chance to argue, your soft kisses rolling down my body stopping at my pulsing need. I begin to fidget in impatience, swiftly you hold my legs down look straight into my eyes and tell me it will only make things worse for me; I stop immediately. You smile wickedly as your head lowers between my legs, I gasp as you taste me through my black and pink silk panties which matched my dismissed bra. I begin to moan as your tongue whirls around my lips, making sure my panties are as wet as what is underneath. You sexily look at me while you taste me as you slide the barrier down my legs; I kick them off with urgency and spread my legs once more. But you keep me in suspense as you kiss every inch of my right leg then the left stopping both times at my wetness, making me moan in despair.

My eyes beg you to touch me as your fingers linger above my throbbing clit. But you pull yourself on top me laying your hands on mine still placed at the sides of my head. My lips lift to meet yours as our tongues search each other’s mouths in eagerness. My breath deepens as my heart rate increases. As you pull away from me I try to follow but your hands keep me firmly in place. Your tongue parts my lips then begins to flick over my swollen clit making me instantly moan, becoming louder and louder as your expert tongue ventures deeper inside me. My body writhing in pure pleasure, being kept under some control as your hands now push down on my hips. You can’t wait any longer as you say “I need to fuck you now.” I smile excitedly as I fail to regulate my breathing; I bend my legs over my head as you roll a condom on your massive hard cock. You kiss me deeply while teasing your dick up and down my waiting wet lips. I inhale sharply as you enter my tight hole, rocking back and forth with your rhythm, getting faster while both of us moan together in pleasure. You pull my legs together as I straighten them above me, holding my ankles you pound me again and again as our deep breaths move with in time with our bodies. My toes begin to curl as my moans flow out of me; you quickly flip me over as I arch my back and lower myself back onto your awaiting cock. Our pace quickens as you are even deeper inside me, my favourite way to be as I take charge; rocking harder and deeper onto your meeting dick. However you remind me quickly that you are in control as you give me a swift hard spank on my bare behind, this only makes me moan louder

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