Day 1

So I am just over an hour of my 1st wearing of the chastity belt…. I am so horny it’s ridiculous. It’s the whole not being able to touch that makes you want to touch more. But I’m locked in, that feeling when the 1st one locked was amazing, I didn’t think I’d feel this secure and safe, it’s a bit odd but I love it. The leather and double lock make me feel naughty and even naughtier when I think about touching myself, which of course I can’t but that just makes me hornier still, the cycle has begun! Apart from the fact that when I jump up and down or walk too quickly the lock in between my legs you can hear rattle, I showed my friend and she chuckled when I jumped up and down. I can feel myself pulsing on the belt, it feels ready to explode, I’m not sure how long I can last… and I don’t even have any toys in place yet, this is better than I was expecting!

My 2nd hour in, as planned I have inserted the small butt plug into my ass, this feeling is intense but has decreased my want for clit stimulation, but instead has increased the feeling I want – to be fully plugged which will come in the next hour bench mark. As this is actually my 1st butt plug and the fact I haven’t had ass play in a while, has made it all the more exciting, of course added by been locked in it. Though I keep moving as it goes in and out slightly, mmmm 🙂 so I may have to tighten it when my pussy plug goes in aswell. I feel half empty at the moment, but I suppose that’s still half full. Now time to unpack a bit more and see how much the movement affects me….

My 3rd hour in, now its double trouble; both pussy and ass plug in at the same time- 2nd hour with butt plug in. Was difficult at 1st manoeuvring them into the position while getting the belt tighter at the same time, but I managed it, and once again locked myself in. This time though my friend, mentioned earlier asked if I wanted to go to the shop, I said no at first, and then dashed to put some clothes on so you couldn’t see the belt. She had already gone, but I knew she was going to the corner shop so I went after her, walking pretty quickly was a sensation and half, both sliding in and out a little bit, especially the butt plug was an immense feeling, added the feeling that everyone around, especially a young man that walked past knew I had it on. The thoughts ran through my head, Can they hear the keys jangle? Do I look guilty? And even am I walking funny!? I finally got to the shop which is only 5 minutes away and found my friend in the shop with bits and bobs in her arms, she dropped the butter on the floor and looked at me to pick it up, “oh god” I thought, but alas I bent over and picked it up, both, especially the ass plug sinking deeper inside my holes, filling them completely. I told her “thanks for that” on the way back she said, “what?” I explained and she apologised that she didn’t know but thought it was funny and also added, “I don’t know how you dare?” In all honesty I surprised myself, I didn’t think I’d go this far today, especially in public but I felt liberated yet naughty at the same time. Though I can’t help thinking that I feel too satisfied…. I think I may have to take the butt plug out to feel that longing desire again…..

Oops, I took the ass one out, and then made the mistake of putting porn on….. still with the belt on and pussy plug locked in, I did it to tease myself a bit more…. but my head and pheromones took over too much and I started rocking back and forth, faster and faster, without even moving my hands from the keyboard, I came. I feel disappointed in myself, I got this belt to stop me from playing and more importantly coming, IV failed. Should I punish myself…… ?

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