He Has The Key!

Well it was a shock as 20 minutes ago my boyfriend who isn’t into this sort of thing at all told me to get into my chastity belt to ensure that I didn’t play with myself in the time it takes for him to go home to have a marathon fifa sesh with his housemates and pick up condoms. After teasing me for 2 days I was expecting he would at least play with me before he left after all I relieved him last night! I think he’s getting me back for not realising I ran out of condoms so we couldn’t have sex last night when we was both horny as hell, him more so.
As I was putting on the belt, he was looking at me intriguingly; I think to see how I was reacting to it. Another surprise, he even locked me into my belt as I could not reach round very well. The sound of the lock clicking into place was the 1st tease. Then he brought me onto the bed and said “I can tease your bum as much as I want like this” because he knows that circling my bum slowly with his fingers gets me horny really fast, it worked! I was kissing him passionately, trailing my hands down his arms, doing the “puppy dog” eyes. This only led him to spread my legs then touch my outer lips slowly; up, down, up, down. Ridiculously horny by this point I just wanted to jump him, but knew I couldn’t, this in itself just made me want to more! He then checked that I wouldn’t be able to fit my fingers through, alas I couldn’t, and then he double checked the locks and gave me a cheeky grin.
His friend then rang and he had to leave, so now I’m sat in bed thinking about all the stuff I and/or him could be doing to relieve my already pulsing clit against the leather barrier.

Now I have to wait and see when he comes back whilst having the physical reminder that he has the power, and I am under his control….. 🙂

wish me luck!

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