Coin Game Just Got Real!

My vanilla boyfriend said when he got into bed, “this makes a change, you sleeping without underwear”, so I told him about the game and explained why this was my punishment. Safe to say he liked it as he could tease me even more, touching everywhere then stopping, whispering in my ear where we could have sex and what he would do to me. I didn’t think about this! I was really wet, so the game worked! He then continued to talk about the other night and how mean I was when we had sex but because I had 4 orgasms on my own accord that day I got annoyed that I couldn’t cum or even get really wet so I stopped and didn’t finish him off, which was the whole reason I started the game. I didn’t see where this was going until he said, “so now it’s my turn, you aren’t allowed to play until your birthday; if I let you play on your birthday, though I can do whatever I want to you as long as you don’t go past the edge.” Brilliant, another day and more teasing, this game just became my hell, but I love it. The fact he said “I like having this control” really shocked me as he’s vanilla and doesn’t really have an interest in dominating me, until now. YAY! So I’m getting what I want in that sense, just not the orgasm for now.

I also had a really good sex dream, which I knew I would that didn’t help anything, but I can’t say the game isn’t working because I’m already ridiculously horny and getting desperate!

I think I’m going to have to move my toys and not watch porn if I am to stand a chance in succeeding….

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