Coin Game

So I have a new game, the first of this kind I have tried.

The rules: when I’m really horny I can play, but only to edge. I have 2 coins nearby. If I land on heads with the 1st I allow myself to cum, if tails I have to stop so it’s 50/50. Then I play again to edge, I throw both this time. If one lands on heads I can cum, but not play the game again until the following day. If they both land on heads I am allowed to finish and have a second one tomorrow and then play the coins again. If they both land on tails I am not allowed to play for 2 days, on that day I can play the game again, this is a long time for me and obviously I have to stop at the edge, possibly the worst thing in the world.
So I played the game…. while watching porn just to make it a little more interesting. The 1st time I got to the edge, threw the coin into the air, flipped it over, hoping so much I would get to finish. The lord loved me, it landed on heads, YES! I came beautifully. I once again got to the edge; threw the 1st coin, tails, DAMN! This was it, 50/50, even hornier now, tails again. ARG. My luck has run out. 2 days of not playing, one word: hell.

I have also added a new rule, for every tails I land on, I have to sleep/ nap with no underwear on because it makes me insanely horny/ wet as I have sex dreams 99.9% of the time when I’m not wearing them.

Let’s see if I like this game on Wednesday morning…. The day I am allowed to cum and the day before my birthday, let’s hope the coin gods are nice or I won’t be having an orgasm on my 20th….. I may die.

My punishment if I do play when I’m not allowed is a week of no underwear when sleeping and no playing.

Talk to me! :)

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