Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.

I have read other erotic fiction previously and in comparison these novels are pretty tame. However this is why it has reached such popularity with UK mainstream consumers; exposing the vanilla lifestyle society is supposedly living with the fantasies of more “kinky fuckery.” It is the 21st Century response to keeping up with the Joneses, Greys in this case which has swept the nation off their feet and over the knee of the British author E. L. James.

The first book Fifty Shades Of Grey is an introduction to how the main characters live, how they met, and what makes them tick. In Christian Greys case a completely different way to Anastasia Steele. It soon turns exhilarating when Anastasia is faced with exploring his different lifestyle; fetishes, dominant/ submissive relationship and the red room of pain, divulging into Christians needs and Ana’s responses. It definitely leaves you with mixed emotions, wanting to know what happens next.

Luckily book number two Fifty Shades Darker is also available, it circles around the vanilla lifestyle but it is just as arousing which is perhaps surprising to someone who enjoys the “kinky fuckery”,however don’t panic there is still plenty! The drama unfolds and the action pumps blood to your heart in another adrenaline fuelled way. “Walk before you run” they say, but your feet have been thrown over Christians shoulder with Ana’s dangling in suspense.

The action steps it up a gear in the final of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed. Your heart is in your mouth praying for them.  Another emotional roller coaster as arguments explode and tension increases, you find yourself reading faster and skipping sentences then re-reading in urgency for more information. It reveals a neapolitan balance between romance, kink and vanilla, a perfect combination. But will they live the happily ever after that you so desperately want for them? Don’t forget to read the prologues to find out!

Now we just have to wait for the film; who is your Christian and Anastasia!? 🙂

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