Sexuality And The Body- Confusion.

This blog post is really to express my thoughts and feelings about how I see sexuality and the body. For a while I have struggled with my sexuality, at one time I thought I was attracted to women in a sexual sense. Although I now know I am not a lesbian/ bi-sexual or want any sexual relationship with a woman, not that I had a problem with it I was just confused.

The “attraction” to which I can now conclude is to that of a woman’s body. Every person I believe is affected by another’s body, whether it is jealousy, admiration or appreciation. This “attraction” I have is all of them merged together which is reflected through the photographs I post.

To specify a woman has curves, beauty and the gift of being able to give life, what human being wouldn’t be inspired by this form?

Just writing this has made me feel like I’m no longer confused and should not feel embarrassed about the human body and how it makes me feel, same gender or not.

Talk to me! :)

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